Welcome to the Electroceramics Group Home Page

Under the guidance of David P. Cann, associate head and professor in Materials Science, our group investigates the latest developments of electronic ceramics such as ceramic capacitors based on heterogeneous dielectrics; evolution of surface nanostructures in metal oxide systems; sensors based on p-n heterocontacts; semiconducting and metallic metal oxides; ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials; and other exploratory works in ceramic materials.

Research Highlights

Eric Patterson has recently developed high strain lead-free piezoelectric Bi-perovskite exhibiting fatigue free behavior (paper). In a similar material system, a high electromechanical strain was also demonstrated (paper).
Natthaphon Raengthon (Ton) has recently developed high permittivity BaTiO3-based ceramics with flat temperature dependence of permittivity which persists up to 450 degree celsius (paper).
 News and Announcements

1. Group meeting time for Fall 2015: Fridays, 11 am.
2. Noon Prasertpalichat defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations!
3. Sky Jackson, David Duong joined the group.
4. Nitish Kumar received Oregon Lottery Graduate Scholarship 2015-     16.

5. Materials Science Fall Seminar 2015: Thursdays, 3-4pm, Rogers         226.